I’m a youth pastor, poet, and MC, still I’m not what you thought. You really never knew me. I’m the antithesis of everything you enjoy. I hate popular opinion as much as I despise pop-ular music. I cringe at the thought of MTV, BET, and CMT. Yet, I’ll sing along just to see you smile. I hate the fact that intelligence isn’t one of your top priorities. I hate that I have to play dumb to make you feel better. I hate that MTV lies to you, and you believe them. I hate always being the responsible one. I hate that you can’t see that I really do care about you. I wish you knew my heart, instead of only seeing the way I dress. I hate that you complain about our president, but didn’t vote. I wish you knew what being patriotic is truly about. I wish you knew what the people of Iraq went through, before you voice your opinion against our war. I hate hurricanes, and the excuse of racism. I wish BET would quit making fun of honkies. I’m sick of Al Sharpton. I hate gas prices. I hate poverty. I hate child abuse. I wish you would do more thinking, and less speaking. I wish you would turn off your TV, put down your magazine, and read a book. I hate abercrombie and fitch. I wish you would be original. I wish you would be yourself. I wish you could be creative. I wish you would think outside the box. I wish I didn’t commit the very sin I hate. I wish adults weren’t so immature. I’m sick of the ACLU. I’m sick of kids killing themselves. I love hope. I love peace. I know Jesus. I love learning. I love stimulating conversations. Long walks on the beach hurt my feet. I hate wasting my life on myspace. I love accomplishments. I love motivating. I love smiling. Please be something. Do something. Share something. Break the mold. You’re a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy…. and it’s so very nice to meet you.


I review for BookSneezeĀ®

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