Active Water Wednesday—Big News!!

Becoming a Follower


On July 25th, 2013, I accepted the challenge to drink only tap water for one year and support Active Water by contributing $20 per month to the cause. Since that day I have faithfully met that challenge. I never thought that what seemed like a somewhat mundane challenge would end up teaching me so much, and I’m just a little over 30 days into it.

While researching the shortage of clean water and the difficulties that accompany this need I felt God was prompting me to follow Him into another goal. (After all, this is about loving people! Not just meeting a goal or a challenge. The goal and challenge just help make it fun.) Raise $4000 for a well to be built in Asia. On August 13th, I began created Team Psalm 112 Men Ministry for the Asian well project. On August 31st God had placed it upon enough people’s heart…

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