The Lamb’s Agenda by Samuel Rodriguez

When we grasp the vertical and horizontal nexus of the cross of Christ, we understand the full implications that Jesus had intended us to capture when He said “take up your cross, and follow me.”  What does following Him really look like?  The result should be righteousness and justice clashing in an explosion of reactions from man’s relationship to God that spills over into our responsibility towards humanity.

 Having already taken the apolitical stance that I’ve taken, it’s nice to see a book that reinforces my philosophy that politics will never be the change our country needs.  The burden of social justice, redemption and reconciliation will continue being the burden of God’s people.  As long as the church is responsible for ushering the healing of a nation, the individual Christian will be the building blocks of that restoration process.  That leaves each of us with Jesus’ question that we must answer, “Who do you say that I am?” 

In a society so stricken with moral relativism, cultural decadence, spiritual apathy and lukewarm churches, we have to decide if our lifestyles reflects an authentic experience with the old rugged emblem of suffering and shame.  I’m not promoting the martyr syndrome, but Jesus assured us that if we truly follow Him, that we will have troubles.  If we truly follow Him, we won’t fit in with a society that so obviously rages war with His remaining influence on humanity.

I really appreciate Rodriguez’s heart to motivate the next generation to mesh the evangelistic efforts of Billy Graham with the social justice battles of Martin Luther King, Jr.  We need more like-minded freedom fighters.  I highly recommend the book to anyone struggling to make a difference, and hoping to find your place in an obviously faulty political system.  Thanks to for supplying me with a really important book that our generation needs.


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