Chicken Activists.

Chicken Activism?

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day is now over.  You either stood in line or you didn’t.  Let’s be honest, you didn’t change the world, but it still felt good, didn’t it?  I somewhat understand.  I decided that if you boycotted, I’d pick up your slack by taking some of my closest friends to overcompensate.  We walked into our closest Chick-Fil-A 10 strong at 9:00 p.m., when the manager informed us that they would be sold out of chicken before we made it to the register.  We tried!  Now what?  We wanted to fight the power.  We wanted to revolt.  We wanted to make a difference.  In all seriousness, it was probably a silly attempt, but we had fun hanging out together!

Now it’s August 2nd and there are no scheduled cash mobs that I know of.  Oh well, we tried.  Right?  We’ll soon all forget how silly it all is.  Right?

Chicken activists are actually those people who are willing to stand up for something while everyone else is standing.  They’re ‘chicken’ because they aren’t willing the next day.  Sometimes our courage only shows it’s face because it’s easy to be courageous in large crowds.  It’s easy to hide our fear, when everyone is being brave.  Yet, none of that is worth any more than $5.99 + tax if we won’t stand up for our faith next week when we’re all alone.  It’s difficult because how we find ourselves when we are alone, is when our true character is revealed.  Examine the way you spend your alone time, and you’ll see exactly where your heart is.  I heard a man once say “my worth to God in public, is who I am in private,” and it’s so powerfully true.  Will we stand up for what we believe in next month when the Chick-Fil-A fiasco is over?

What about when we’re faced with our next temptation?  What about when our secret sins resurface?  Will married husbands stand up for what they believe in, when lust or adultery shows it’s ugly face?  Will wives avoid the latest trend of ‘mommy porn’ when offered to watch or read it?  When we’re faced with biting our tongues, or letting our mouths curse instead of bless?  What about that feeling of greed that convinces us we need to spend less time with our children, so we can make more money?  What about that perfect opportunity to gossip or slander someone?  What about the selfishness that always seems to grip us when it comes time to help someone?  But that’s different? 

It’s absolutely not.  Sin is sin.

If we’re going to stand up for what we believe in, then we need to stand up for all of it.  Singling out certain sins only makes us hypocritical, and ridiculous.  

The reason we can have (the very debated figure that says) 78% of Americans claim to be ‘Christians’ is because there is a culture of false Christianity that says we can love and appreciate God’s blessings, but deny His demands for righteousness.  It’s a lie.  We can’t separate salvation from the demand for us to strive for righteousness.  Of course we’ll fail, but if we aren’t working out our salvation with fear and trembling, it may be because we haven’t received salvation at all!  It’s the reason Christians are being bashed for ‘hating homosexuals.’  It’s the reason we still have racist ‘Christians.’  It’s the reason we have prosperity gospel preachers.  It’s the reason we have pastors who won’t preach against sin.  We aren’t brave enough to face ourselves.  We are chicken activists.

So what’s next for American Christianity on the heels of this chicken revival?  We face the ugliness of our sins, and let God heal us, so we can truly love everyone we encounter with a clear conscience, regardless of the differences in our journeys.  With the times changing, it’s our responsibility to live even further above reproach.  People are going to be watching even more closely these days.  Christianity is already existing under a microscope.  Don’t be the hypocrit they condemn all of Christendom for.  And if your hands are open for God’s blessings, but your heart isn’t interested in His righteousness, maybe it’s time for you to drop that generic “Christian” title?  For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God. 

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    I also wrote a blog about this over on my website… 🙂

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