Be a Quitter!

I caught the hilarious (Still often provolone-ish) blog a few years ago.  So when I saw that Jon Acuff was writing a book, I snagged it the first time I saw it. I loved it! It’s a Christian satire on so many aspects of the Christian culture that made me literally look foolish a couple times while reading it in public.

So when I heard Jon was going to be speaking at Conclave this year, I was interested. Not only was he the highlight of the conference for me, but he was incredibly spiritually challenging. Hearing he had a new book entitled “Quitter,” of course I was curious. So I picked it up hoping it would be entertaining. I didn’t realize how much I would need this book. 

As a ‘dreamer,’ I often have felt the same reverse-superman effect he speaks of (and included in the great promo video for the book) and felt the frustration of heading back to a mindless 9 to 5 after completing a weekend full of fulfilling my passion.

If you’ve ever been there then you’ll know exactly what he’s writing about. 

Pick up the book and be a quitter with us!

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