Secular Bigotry?

Last night, I was watching Mark Driscoll speak about his new book on the Piers Morgan show. Since he’s been up for so much debate lately, and since our church is taking a group to his marriage conference later this month, I decided I should check it out. I’ve felt somewhat responsible, so I’ve kept an eye on his public appearances to see if he truly represents the gospel adequately. The more I’ve seen him on national media, the more I appreciate his stern stance on Biblical clarity, and truths, unlike Joel Osteen and so many other recent flakes.

Piers, in obvious attack mode, made one of the most arrogant, blatantly anti-Christian comments that I’ve heard in a long time. He essentially laid claim that in America, we will soon discard the truest intents and truths of the Word of God, and instead adapt it to ‘fit’ the moral landscape of our present day Sodom and Gomorrah. Morgan boldly states:”Because eventually America will get to that position anyway, and quite fast.” It’s already happening. It’s been happening for years. Decades even.

I wish I disagreed more strongly with Morgan and his idea of the fate of the future of America. 

Still, I am wholeheartedly, faithfully committed to passionately following Christ and every canonical written word of His life. Until my life is finished I pray I NEVER compromise the truth of His gospel for popularity, money, or anything else this world may try to sell me. 

It’s hard to hold a faith in ideas that are no longer popular or politically correct.  But the age old cliche reminds us that ‘the truth is true wether we believe it or not.’ 

As a Christian, I completely agree with Mark Driscoll when he says that Jesus commands us to ‘love our neighbor’ regardless of the life they lead. Never would any sensible, follower of Christ advocate the hatred, or abuse of anyone. Not anyone. Please don’t forget that when you start to label us.

Yet, where will you “Christians” stand when you’re faced with labels such as ‘hateful’ or ‘bigot?’ Sadly enough, Piers is right, “Christian sugarcoating” is happening more often than ever, and it’s happening fast.

Ironically, christians are the only group that are being bashed for their intolerance, while being the very targets of intolerance. In America, it’s socially acceptable to exercise the right to free speech, unless you’re a Christian.

So all of us who claim “Christianity” in America are faced with a decision to make…

Let it happen, and let the absolute truth of the gospel be diluted to fit our desires?

Or stand firmly on the gospel of grace, mercy, and truth?

It’s a truth for all of us sinners regardless of age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or political stance.

Which will you choose? Choose today.


Here’s the transcript of the show:

MORGAN: However, like everything in life, shouldn’t it {The Bible} be dragged kicking and screaming into each modern era, and be adapted, like the American Constitution.


MORGAN: Because, you know, my — my view about this is — is not that I don’t respect Christians or Catholics or whoever who — who absolutely swear by every word in here. It’s just that it’s — I just don’t believe anyone who is genuinely Christian should be spouting bigoted opinions about sections of the community for their sexuality.

DRISCOLL: Well, I think when it comes to the Bible, you’ve got three options. take it, I believe what it says. Leave it, I don’t believe what it says. Or change it –

MORGAN: Or adapt — or adapt the wording –

DRISCOLL: Which would be the changing it.

MORGAN: — for a modern era.

DRISCOLL: That would be the changing of it. That’s exactly what, for example, Thomas Jefferson did. he literally sat down in the White House with scissors and cut the parts out that he didn’t feel should be in there.

Continues on with a conversation about how Driscoll believes a great harm to America is irresponsible fathers….

MORGAN: Well, I agree with all that. But I also think what is harming America right now, like many countries around the world, is just a fundamental lack of tolerance and respect for people who may not share your personal values. you know, I just think that pastors like you, funny enough, are in a great position to trail blaze a bit, you know, to take this great book and bring it slightly kicking and screaming into the modern era a bit.

Because eventually America will get to that position anyway, and quite fast.

DRISCOLL: It’s moving fast.

MORGAN: So it’s going to be happen.

DRISCOLL: I’m also a guy, I believe the Bible.


  1. #1 by Tim Ogle on March 13, 2012 - 7:16 am

    I wouldn’t say that I agree with Driscoll 100% on all he says, has done or even will do. However, I agree that we either accept the Bible, or change it.

    I don’t believe that we (Christians) are being “attacked” but I do believe we are under a very heavy scrutiny that is drawing closer to a time when we will be undeniably under attack.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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