“Sorry didn’t do it!”

Have you ever been a part of something that sucked?

I was on a city league baseball team when I was really young. During the early part of the first game of the year, our coach began fighting vailiantly for us. We all disagreed on an umpire’s call, and he spoke upon his opinion. Sometimes people don’t appreciate our hot-headed opinions. He wasn’t just ejected from our first game of the year, but subsequently ejected and banned from ever returning to the field! That sucks for a bunch of pre-teen kids with no leadership. Eventually, another parent stepped up and took the responsibility. Needless to say, that parent was a Mother who had never played baseball before. We were lucky to win a game that year. To be honest, we sucked.

Christianity reminds me a lot of that season in little league. Hypocrites, judgmental jerks, cheesy music, and a list of at least 100 other complaints often fill my mind every time I try to invite someone into this group of people who claim to be like Jesus. Why aren’t we more like the Saviour we claim to represent? I read an intriguing insight recently that said the early followers of Jesus were called “Christians” because they truly were examples of who Jesus was. They were called that by people on the outside, looking at them! Nowadays, the names we receive are much less flattering. I’m truly sorry. I feel like you most of the time. I want to give a Chuck Norris round-house-to-the-chin style wake up call to people who call themselves ‘Christians.’ It’s difficult to be flawed and imperfect, and belong to a group the represents someone who lived His life completely sinless. That comes with a lot of pressure. I wish more people held that pressure respectively. (I include myself in that group.)

This journey is something I’ve taken lightly in years past. It’s not something I’m willing to continue making excuses for. It’s not something I’m willing to compromise. It’s something I believe in, with more than just my words. It’s something I believe in, with more than just my faith. I’ve believed in this calling with all of my life. I’ve met a hope that has surpassed every bit of my understanding. That faith is becoming sight.

I wish you could see the hope that I’ve seen. I wish you could feel the peace that I’ve felt. I wish you could understand the pure joy that I’ve known. Someday I’ll figure out how to share that hope, peace and joy. Until then, I’m open for suggestions.


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